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Micaela Dias Physiotherapy

Micaela Dias

At Micaela Dias Physiotherapy (MD Physiotherapy) we believe in focused and detailed assessments prior to treatment of any patient in order to establish the correct diagnosis and achieve the best results in reducing pain, improving range of motion and optimising performance. We believe that it is essential to work with other professionals such as Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Biokineticists, Chiropractors, Sports Massage Therapists, Podiatrists, Pilates Instructors and others for the best benefit of the patient. We are a progressive physio practice, continuously learning and applying new techniques and studies to further improve the quality of our services.

Micaela Dias is a qualified Physiotherapist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP). In 2011, she completed her BSc Physiotherapy honours degree at WITS University and finalised her community service at Natalspruit Hospital in 2012. She has completed the following post-graduate courses, Dry Needling (ODNS level 1) in 2012; Kinesiology Taping in 2013; Sports Physiotherapy (SPT1) in 2014; The TMJ and Sinus Pain Course in 2015; and many others.
She has been practising in sports and orthopaedic physiotherapy for 6 years treating patients with various sports injuries, back and neck pain and post-operative orthopaedic cases. She has treated many patients in sports such as soccer, rugby, rowing, boxing, cricket, hockey, ballet, netball, horse riding, swimming, cycling and running. Her special interests lie in treating recreational and professional sports men and women as well as pre- and post-operative orthopaedic cases with the aim to help patients return to their optimal level of function.

Micaela has also spent some years extending her physiotherapy skills with her passion for horses in the practice of Equine Physiotherapy. Outside of the practice Micaela, having socially competed in numerous equestrian disciplines for over 10 years, she still enjoys riding and challenging her horse to numerous activities within the arena. She also partakes in the occasional parkrun/walk with her husband and daughter.

Sam Kirby-Smith

Samantha Kirby-Smith is a qualified Physiotherapist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP). She completed her BSc Physiotherapy Honours degree at WITS University in 2016 and finalised her community service year at Port Shepstone Regional Hospital in Kwa-Zulu Natal. She has focussed on sports Physiotherapy due to her keen interest in the treatment of patients with sporting injuries as well as post-operative patients following orthopaedic surgery. She also possesses an enthusiastic interest in Paediatric Physiotherapy.

Sam completed the following courses in 2017, Dry Needling (ODNS level 1), a Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) course for the treatment of children with Cerebral Palsy, and the ‘Be Activated’ muscle activation course. In an effort to further her experience and effectiveness in the treatment of sports patients, Sam completed her Sports Physiotherapy (SPT1) course which took place in Johannesburg in 2018. This was a year-long course run by the SASP.

Apart from enjoying her career as a Physiotherapist, Sam also enjoys recreational sports such as running and has recently completed her first half marathon.

Sam strives to treat all her patients as effectively as possible in order to assist them in returning to their previous level of function and assisting them in reaching their personal physical goals.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession which takes a ‘whole person’ approach to health and wellbeing, including the patient’s general lifestyle. The speciality is focused on helping restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability through manual therapy, movement and exercise, education and advice. The profession helps to encourage development and facilitate recovery, enabling people to stay in work and or return to sport while helping them to be as independent as possible during recovery.
You can benefit from physiotherapy at any time in your life. Physiotherapy helps with back pain or sudden injury, managing long-term medical conditions such as arthritis, or can be used in preparing for a specific sporting event or activity.

At MD Physiotherapy we can help with:

  • Neck pain including postural dysfunction, acute conditions and whiplash
  • Headaches and jaw dysfunction
  • Back pain including postural dysfunction, disc pathology and SIJ dysfunction
  • Shoulder pain including shoulder impingement and rotator cuff dysfunction
  • Hip pain including groin strains
  • Knee pain including patellofemoral pain and ITB syndrome
  • Ankle sprains and foot pain
  • Muscle strains and tears
  • Tendinopathies
  • Post-operative Orthopaedic cases including:
    • Shoulder surgery
    • Knee surgery such as ligament reconstruction/repair
    • Ankle surgery
    • Joint replacement surgery
    • Joint arthroscopy
    • Tendon repairs (due to Achilles or patella tendon ruptures, or rotator cuff or bicep tendon tears)


  • Soft tissue mobilisation
  • Myofascial release
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Spinal mobilisations
  • Dry Needling
  • Postural correction and advice
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Sports taping/bracing
  • Therapeutic proprioception/balance exercises
  • Strength rehabilitation
  • Strengthening and conditioning exercises for sports or work related injuries
  • Rehabilitation following Orthopaedic Surgery

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